Xhenpon Solucion CONJUNTO
Xhenpon Solucion CONJUNTOXhenpon Solucion CONJUNTO



Product Description

Hydrolysed collagen solution
Xhekpon solution is a filmogenic product which is rich in collagen and aloe vera. Forms a film on
the skin surface which helps keep it moisturised and protected from external aggressors. Soothes
and decongests stressed, irritated skin. The film also exerts lifting and smoothing effects on the skin
Collagen has filmogenic, moisturising, protective and firming properties. It addition, being hydrolysed
to a low molecular weight allows it to partially penetrate into the skin where it provides nourishment
while boosting the regeneration of skin components. Aloe vera has regenerating, moisturising,
soothing and softening properties.
Xhekpon Solution is recommended for professional beauty care of the face, neck and décolleté:
Leaves the skin soft, smooth and protected. An invisible film perfects the appearance of flaky skin.
Helps relieve redness and sensations of skin irritation.
Its external lifting effect smoothes the skin surface, producing a rejuvenating flash effect without
oiliness or discomfort. A thin layer of Xhekpon Solution acts as a makeup perfecting primer.
Apply on clean skin, either alone or as part of a treatment. Even if applying other products later on,
there is no need to remove the thin layer of Xhekpon Solution .
Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand or directly on the skin, apply and massage gently. Repeat,
spreading it evenly over the entire area to be treated. Dries in seconds. If you wish to apply makeup or
a face cream over Xhekpon Solution, simply wait until it feels dry and soft to the touch.
Xhekpon Solution: Box of 10 x 2.5 ml single-dose ampoules
Xhekpon Mask: Box of 4 x 10 ml ampoules
Box of 8 x 10 ml ampoules


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