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Product Description

Collagen firming facial mask
Xhekpon Mask is a highly concentrated collagen solution enriched with aloe vera to apply to the skin
as a mask. Moulds perfectly to the contours of the skin, covering all reliefs and intimately adhering to
the entire surface to be treated. A quick beauty treatment to nourish, smooth and moisturise the skin.
Instantly confers noticeable softness.
The high collagen concentration forms a thick moisturising and firming layer which settles into a clear
mask. Aloe vera further boosts its moisturising and soothing properties. The collagen is hydrolysed
to a low molecular weight, enhancing its ability to nourish and penetrate into the skin while providing
peptides and amino acids which promote its regeneration, elasticity and protection. Collagen also
reduces and relieves redness caused by sun exposure or irritants. The firming effect is a result of
the mask’s filmogenic effect as it settles on the skin, and remains after its removal, especially if not
completely washed off.
Apply the first layer on cleansed skin and allow to settle for 3-5 minutes. Then spread on a second
layer, followed by a third to achieve greater thickness. Avoid the eye contour when applying the mask
onto the face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Once the specified time has elapsed, gently remove the
mask with a cotton pad moistened with water. For best results, apply Xhekpon Cream after use, which
is also rich in collagen.
The mask does not stain or flake off. The unmistakable scent of highly concentrated collagen is an
indicator of this rapid-acting treatment’s potency. Fragrance-free to prevent allergic reactions.
Regular use of Xhekpon Mask leaves the skin looking clear, pampered and refined


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