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Xhekpon Manos CONJUNTOXhekpon Manos CONJUNTO



Product Description

Protective and restorative hand cream.
This cream is indicated to protect the hands during chores that entail frequent contact with water,
detergents or cleaning products, hot and cold variations, the handling of products, items or
instruments which can be harmful to the skin, powdered products, humid conditions…
Xhekpon Hands is a lipid-rich repair cream enriched with skin-similar collagen and glycerine to help
maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. Leaves the hands feeling very soft, smooth and supple.
Apply on clean hands and rub in until completely absorbed. It is preferable to use small quantities to
ensure that it is easily extended and fully absorbed. Repeat as needed.
Xhekpon Cream: 40 ml tube
Xhekpon Contour: 20 ml tube
Xhekpon Body: 400 ml pump dispenser
Xhekpon Hands: 40 ml tube


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